Building the Best Vacuums of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Electrolux then-Aerus Today. Aerus has a strong tradition of providing quality service to our customers. We have a loyal base of repeat customers because we have the best products, and also because we offer exemplary service.

Lux Guardian Platinum

  • Totally sealed, double HEPA filtration system
  • High-powered motor with automatic or manual suction controls
  • Smart System Indicator with LED Display
  • 8 levels of suction
  • 28 ft. extra long cord

Lux Legacy

  • Airborne contaminants are captured by a high efficiency, electrostatic after-filter to improve indoor air quality
  • Electronic display shows performance particulars, including a full bag; automatically guards against operation without a bag
  • Power nozzle self-adjusts its height between different types of carpet; low profile L-shape provides 4-sided cleaning around furniture. Also equipped with a headlight
  • Accessories are stored on-board the canister for quick access and an automatic cord winder makes storage easy

Lux Classic

  • Fine dirt and particles are captured by a high efficiency, electrostatic after-filter
  • Power nozzle self-adjusts its height between types of carpet
  • Low profile L-shape provides 4-sided cleaning around furniture
  • Power nozzle turns off the brush roll for use on hard surface flooring

Lux Heavy Duty Upright

  • Superior Cleaning with L-Shape Design
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Designed For Durability
  • Extra Long Life
  • HEPA Filtration

Lite by Aerus

  • Weighs 9 pounds and cleans like no other lightweight vacuum
  • Features rubber wheels and bumper to help protect furniture and baseboards
  • Headlight and a 35-foot quick release power cord
  • Self-sealing HEPA-H12 media filter bags to keep dust in the bag, where it belongs
  • Wood brush roll and squeegee for bare floor cleaning with a 2-speed motor


  • Cleaner Air - A washable filter traps 99.97% of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns, performing at levels equal to HEPA standards
  • Easy Installation - The CentraLux can be installed in either existing homes or homes under construction
  • Strong Suction - The powerful motor offers more than twice the suction power of most portable vacuum cleaners
  • Quiet Operation - Helps eliminate noise with the main unit hidden in the basement or garage
  • Convenience - Inlets can be installed in any room or hallway, covering up to 10,000 sq. ft. when properly installed
  • Ease of Use - Simply insert the flexible, lightweight power hose into any installed inlet and flip the control switch conveniently located on the handle.
  • Low Maintenance - The brushed aluminum, 11-gallon, rustproof tank is bagless, which saves money and increases airflow; the tank needs to be emptied twice a year with normal usage
  • Performance Indication - An electric indicator advises when the filter needs to be replaced or cleaned.